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Compression Fittings for RG6

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I have been replacing my outdoor RG6 connections with compression fittings (PPC EX6XL). Everything was working great, but on one of my (I think) RG6 cables, the white part inside the cable would not fit inside the compression fitting. Is there a special fitting for these larger cables that will work with my universal compression tool? Also, where is a good place to order the larger fittings?

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Well those are made to take anything up to quad shield. Not sure what cable you have that is giving the trouble. Maybe a RG11 fitting but that might be too big then.
Do you peel back the braid before adding the fitting. Maybe trim off some of the braid?
It might be an RG11 cable, because just the white part with no foil/wires/braid would not fit in my EX6XL connector. Is there anywhere online I could order order 5 or 10 RG11 connectors? Don't want to order 50, then find out they will not work.

Just search RG11 at techtoosupply:


There's one at $2.99
RG6 has an 18 AWG center conductor. RG11 has a 14 AWG conductor, same as a light switch in your home. Pretty easy to tell with your eyes if you hold them up together.
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