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Confused about HR34/CCK

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I have 6 HD-DVRs and 1 regular HD box. I have a SWM 16 and a regular HD dish. For one of my TVs, I'm using a Brite-View box to send the HD-DVR signal from one of my boxes to a TV in another room that doesn't have coax nearby. I need another TV to replace that one, so I assume I can get one of the RVU enabled Samsung's, add a wireless connection stick to it, get an HR34 and stream to the new TV. The HR34 would also give me picture in picture on the TV to which it is primarily connected. Right so far? So could I replace some of my HR24s with non-dvr boxes to act as clients for the HR34 as well or do I just leave them in place? Also, what does the CCK give me that I don't already get through the DVRs, or is that just for the non-DVR boxes? Would a TV connected to an HR-24 (for example) see its own playlist, plus the other playlists on the whole home network (including the HR34)? Sorry for all the questions, but if I can use the RVU server client relationship as above I'm just trying to figure out how the HR34 works with the rest of my gear!:eek2:
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No wireless RVU and a CCK is to connect your receiver, or swim system, to the internet.
naijai said:
HR34 + 5 HDDVRs + 1 RVU Client would be the best solution for you
The RVU client will only be able to view the playlist from the HR34. All the other receivers will have access to other playlists. The CCK is used to authenticate the RVU client and regular networked features.
CCK's don't have to do with anything other can connecting your receiver or DECA cloud to the internet/lan. You do not have to have a CCK to have an RVU client active.
CCKs and DECAs, while they can function the same, are different and are used differently. To use RVU you would use a DECA.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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