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Connecting 2 DVR's to One HD TV?

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After unsuccessfully attempting to get DTV to send me an HR34 and being unable to afford the upfront cost of the machine it occurred to me to try to replicate what the HR34 offers (hopefully) by just connecting 2 DVRs to the same TV. Essentially I have one for me and my shows and my wife can switch the source on the TV to the other receiver to watch her shows. Sounds like a plausible theory but I am unsure how to even begin to wire it or if it is even really possible.
I currently have a HR22 connected to the tv via a SWM and I am hoping to add the HR20 that I had sitting unused in the other bedroom. The SWM seems to have one cable coming from the wall which is obviously the Sat signal, it the splits 2 ways, one going to the HR22 and the other going to a router which I am not quite sure why that would be necessary as this is the only TV we have in the house. Can I just disconnect the cable going to the router and connect it to the HR20 instead? Can any of you techies please give me some advice as to how to accomplish this 2 DVR-One TV connection? Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Yes, you can add the other DVR to your main viewing TV and use another input on the TV. You will also need to set one of the DVRs to an alternate remote code (or to rf).

Either add another splitter and split the line going to your primary DVR, or replace the 2-way splitter with a 3 or 4 way splitter. Keep the line going to the router (it serves several purposes).
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