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Connecting a PS3 to CCK-W

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My Current setup which works great, but I want to eliminate the Linksys wireless bridge:

- Slim5 with SL3 SWim LNB

- Coax from LNB connects to input on PI-21

- Output from PI-21 connects to input on 2-way Green Label splitter

- one of the splitter outputs connects to a CCK-W the other splitter output to a HR24-100

- CCK-W output connected to satellite 1 input on HR24-100

- CCK-W is bridged to a Linksys N wireless router

- PS3 connected to Linksys wireless bridge

Proposed change:

- Output from PI-21 connects to input on a 4-way splitter

- two of the splitter outputs would feed the two HR24-100s

- one of the splitter outputs would connect to the CCK-W and the output ethernet connected to the PS3

- fourth splitter output terminated

Would this work? Would all devices have internet?
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"The Merg" said:
It will work, but as I just specified in another thread, introducing other devices into the DECA cloud can possible cause issues with MRV.

- Merg
I've got my computer in the office hooked up to Internet using a DECA box and I've never had any issues with MRV.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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