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Connecting a PS3 to CCK-W

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My Current setup which works great, but I want to eliminate the Linksys wireless bridge:

- Slim5 with SL3 SWim LNB

- Coax from LNB connects to input on PI-21

- Output from PI-21 connects to input on 2-way Green Label splitter

- one of the splitter outputs connects to a CCK-W the other splitter output to a HR24-100

- CCK-W output connected to satellite 1 input on HR24-100

- CCK-W is bridged to a Linksys N wireless router

- PS3 connected to Linksys wireless bridge

Proposed change:

- Output from PI-21 connects to input on a 4-way splitter

- two of the splitter outputs would feed the two HR24-100s

- one of the splitter outputs would connect to the CCK-W and the output ethernet connected to the PS3

- fourth splitter output terminated

Would this work? Would all devices have internet?
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It will work, but as I just specified in another thread, introducing other devices into the DECA cloud can possible cause issues with MRV.

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I'm not saying that you will definitely have issues if you do so, however, the purpose behind the DECA cloud is to isolate MRV traffic from the rest of the network traffic. Adding regular network traffic could have the potential to affect your MRV performance. I was just pointing out that you need to be aware of that.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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