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I know this is a question that has been asked before, but most all of the topics I've seen were outdated and didn't quite cover my concerns. I've never had satellite and am a bit leery of a 2 yr contract that I currently am not required to keep

I'm satisfied with my COX content but am looking to cut costs. My main question is with all of the current promos, will I actually save money after the switch? I currently have internet and digi cable (1 HD DVR). I also have a total of 8 TVs. I don't pay any monthly extras for the addl tvs as they have SD content. I do pay for a lease on the DVR. D* will give me a $30 monthly credit/mo for a year, 1 free HDDVR and 3 HD receivers. This would be great to have addl HD service and in 1080 instead of my current 720, but not a requirement.

Is this even something D* can do? I don't want a large upfront cost or any increase in monthly cost. I would consider adding an additional DVR and possibly going with the Whole Home idea.

One of the TVs is 100 ft away from where the dish would be and in a separate building, but has a current line run out there. Would this create any problems for D?

I have an old home with coax run to everywhere I want a TV, but no Cat 5 lines or HDMIs run. I operate all internet connections in the house with a wireless internet connection. Would this be a problem?

Does D* offer any internet options? (where I could bundle and save)

Does making the switch sound like it is for me? or should I just suck it up and pay the outrageous cable fees? Any suggestions, things I'm missing or need to know?

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New promotions start October 11. We'll have to wait and see, but the new promotions may contain some better hardware.

With DirecTV you are looking at $6 per month for each receiver beyond the first. Having an HD/DVR will cost you $20 per month, though you can get a $10 credit for setting up auto bill pay.

Lets say you go with Choice Xtra, you would be looking at:
39.99 - Package
6 x 7 = 42 - Each room beyond the first
10 - HD/DVR fee
$91.99 - Total before taxes and fees

DirecTV does not offer Internet directly, but has a number of partners.

They will probably only be able to set up 6 rooms for the initial install. The tech should be able to add the additional 2 rooms if he has the time.

There may be additional one time cost for rooms 4-8, especially if you are looking for HD. The last time I did an install of this size was over a year ago, but they were able to get 1 HD/DVR, 3 HD, and 4 SD without having to pay an upgrade fee.

Your existing coax would likely be able to be reused, provided it is RG6 and not RG59. The installation tech would let you know for sure.

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With a total of 8 tv's, you have a couple of approaches to consider. The primary (and only supported) way to support 8 locations is to have 8 receivers or DVRs. This allows each location to view independent programming simultaneously. With whole-home service you would be able to watch recordings from any DVR at any TV location (but limited to either 1 or 3 simultaneous recordings from a given DVR). Your monthly recurring cost for this would be $6 per month for 7 tv locations, or $42 total (not counting the programming package, DVR fee, etc. - just the added cost to support 7 locations).

The unsupported way is to have a modulator set up to send an SD signal to some of your TV locations from one of the HD receiver locations. Those locations would have to watch whatever is on at the source location, they would not be able to watch independently. The installer would not be able to set this up for you, and you do need to do some unique things to get this configuration to work. You would have no monthly recurring cost to do this.

With the first, supported option, you would probably get a deal on the first DVR and up to 3 additional receivers. Beyond that, you would have to pay in the neighborhood of $100 for each additional receiver or $200 for each additional DVR. However, you pay the DVR fee only once per account, not once per DVR. So you could have a DVR at every TV location for the same monthly recurring cost as having only one DVR. This is where you have the potential to have huge savings over cable (but that assumes you have multiple DVRs on cable).

So let's look at the up-front costs. For purpose of discussion let's get you one home media center (HR34), three RVU clients (C31) - $99 up front cost (assuming you get normal promotion pricing). That covers 4 of your locations. Now let's add four more units. HD receivers at $100 each and you are up to $499 up front cost. If you add additional DVRs, add $100 for each location. So one HR34, 3 C31's, 2 HD receivers and 2 HD DVRs would put you at $699 up front cost.

As to bundling, you won't get a bundle that includes your cable internet. You may get a bundle that includes DSL from your phone company.
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