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knoxbh said:
Where do I find out where my contract situation is located? I have checked my account on Directv and cannot find out if my contract has expired.
Why in the world would you expect to see account information on the web? :rolleyes: Or even more strange, change it? :grin:

That would be so... 21st century... and we at D* use our DVRs to keep living life in the 20th century!


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Thanks for the replies. Called Directv and am free and clear now on a monthly basis. Good to know as considering FIOS tv (already have phone and internet) as they have just started connecting in my neighborhood this past 2 weeks. Maybe can eliminate the daily rain fade here in Florida with hurricane season coming up. Only thing keeping me with Directv was the football package and have no interest anymore. FIOS has both the hockey and baseball packages which we watch the most plus a few channels which Directv does not have. Been with Directv since 1996 and enjoyed every minute - time to move on.

Thanks again.
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