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hello russell -

this doesnt answer you questions - but i think there is something to think about as far as the distribution of the signals from the "central equipment room" - and that is the type of cables and their lengths to each of the HD sets.

also, i dont know if this of interest to you, but the 622 has an internal modulator that allows you to distribute SD signals from both tv1 and tv2 throught the regular rg6 cables. (HD signals from tv1 will appear as SD throughout the house)

and i am pretty sure that you can watch both the component and HDMI outputs at the same time.

good luck with the rest of the questions.


QUOTE=trpltongue;740385]Hello all,

I am a newbie to Dish and am looking for some advice from you folks that actually own and use the system. I am helping a friend build a house and we have a bit of a unique setup in that we are installing a central equipment room upstairs in which all the electronics equipment will be stored.

We are going to have 4 High-def "Zones" in which we want to watch independant satellite channels. The house is wired with an infrared repeater system in all rooms and the main remote that will be able to control everything throughout the house is an MX-3000 that is tied into the IR repeater system.

My main concern is trying to control 4 different Dish receivers all in the same room, via IR. Do these receivers have assignable IR "channels" so that I can control them independantly? I have seen reference to remote "addresses" in the manual, but it usually is in context with the UHF remotes.

Also, are the component and HDMI outputs active simultaneously? For example, could I hook up my Projector via HDMI and my TV via component and watch the same HD picture on both simultaneously?

Sorry for the detailed technical questions on a first post but I've been on the phone for more than 4 hours over the course of the last 3 days talking to Dish and my local installer with no informative answer.

Thanks in advance,

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