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Controlling HR20 and HR21 problem

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If this has been covered in other threads I’m sorry but my searches turned up nothing on my problem. I just replaced my HR10-250 in the kitchen/dinning room with a HR21-100. I also have a HR20-100 in the front room. The kitchen and front room is open to each other through a large doorway. The problem is that the remote in the front room tends to operate both units at the same time. Is there anyone who knows of a way to reprogram one or the other units so this doesn’t happen? I tried setting one of the controllers to RF but this apparently isn’t working on the HR21-100. :(
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The alternate codeset is 00003, not 00002.

Cover one as you change the other.

To start program av1 or av2 with code 00003. Than move back to the directv device and enter the menu:

1. menu>parental,fav's, & setup> system setup> remote> receiver mode>

2. tap either DIRECTV or AV1/AV2 to reveal both

3. press AV1/AV2, the remote shouldn't work any longer, slide to av1 or av2 whichever has code 00003.

4. press DONE
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The above directions has nothing to do with RF remote.
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