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Controlling HR20 and HR21 problem

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If this has been covered in other threads I’m sorry but my searches turned up nothing on my problem. I just replaced my HR10-250 in the kitchen/dinning room with a HR21-100. I also have a HR20-100 in the front room. The kitchen and front room is open to each other through a large doorway. The problem is that the remote in the front room tends to operate both units at the same time. Is there anyone who knows of a way to reprogram one or the other units so this doesn’t happen? I tried setting one of the controllers to RF but this apparently isn’t working on the HR21-100. :(
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Thanks, I will check the remotes and if I do have a RF Remote I will try that. The Front room HR20-100 I want to leave on IR as I use a Harmony 720 there.
And thanks for your quick reply.
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