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I have two Hoppers. I'd *like* to divide what gets recorded on which one in a logical fashion.

From a Joey, it doesn't appear that I can control which Hopper "gets" a particular timer. I'd been adding timers and I noticed that "The Newsroom" recorded on both Hoppers (I think I entered it twice).

Now, I can imagine that entering a timer while watching directly from a particular Hopper would put the timer on THAT Hopper. Do I have to go through the process of changing which Hopper a Joey is linked to in order to switch which Hopper "gets" a timer?

In my case, I want to put regular series episodes on one Hopper with sports, movies, concerts, etc., on the second. I was just hoping for some 'easy' way to say "Put THIS timer HERE and put THAT one THERE".

Thanks in advance. So far, I'm really liking what I have here. I just have to adapt to the new "way of being" :)
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