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Costco selling DISH?

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I did not have time to ask anyone to what level are they selling, but they ARE selling systems now. At least here in So Cal.
They had the big stack at the front of the store with a lot of brochures and 301 units.
I did not see any dishes but I did see shelf space labeled "DISH PVR 501"
Also, proces were not yet posted - I'll report if I go back there soon...
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Same here. I bought my system from them in August of 99. Back in the 1900s. And the DISH was ion the box.
They have been selling them in detroit for years.
In Dallas, they have a Dish rep in the store on Sunday (maybe other days, but I only go on Sunday).
Costco is still the best deal around that I have seen for a 301. It sure would be nice if they would stock 501s or 508s. The Costcos in my area usually will have only one 6000 on display for the HDTV demo channel. Someone posted here a few months back that there was a Costco in Orange county somewhere that stocked them but I haven't seen that in the Riverside area.
I did'nt even notice if they had a 6000 model at the Costco near my area: I was too busy drooling while checking out the Discovery HD feed!! :eek2: Man that looked AWESOME!!
I haven't seen a 6000 at my Orange County Costco, but I have at our local Sam's Club.

Costco around here has been selling Dish for years...

so why don't they stock the 501/508.
I'd like to just buy a 508, no CC AP, no AT150 upgrade, no 1 year, no installer..... and just install it myself.
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