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Wire Nut said:
I agree with n0qcu, haven't found a way to call out a specific tuner for recording. Unless you have cable issues the three tuners should work equally well for watching/recording.
The caller ID is interesting, every system I have connected the CID works on the Joeys as well. What is your setup? 1 or 2 Hoppers? Did your installer use isolators? And WTH do you still have a landline phone anyway lol...
One Hopper - 2 Joey. Single node with 2 way splitter.

The only issue I have with recording is that I had set up some timers, and if all 3 tuners are in use the Hopper seems to just pick one at random for recording. My wife was not happy while watching her favorite program in the Den on a Joey, the Hopper, in the Bedroom, decided to use that tuner for a recording. The timer was set up using the Hopper so I was hoping it would use that tuner.

As for the phone, I have Net Talk VOIP. It works great. The only reason I have it is because when ever I need to call my wife at home, her cell phone is either in the car or set on vibrate in her purse.

As I said the CID works every time on the Hopper but does not display on either Joey. CID is enabeled on all devices so I don't know what the deal is.
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