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Crazy shortcuts

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Hi all.....

New user to this forum, and I would like to know, why do you refer to DTV ad D* and Dish as E*? What does this mean? LOL

:D :cool:


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E* is short for Echostar, which is the parent company of Dish Network. A few years ago, there was also Primestar (referred to as P*) and AlphaStar (A*). DirecTV, thus, became D*.
Well, E* is shorthand for EchoStar, the parent company of DISH NetWork.

Since DTV is more commonly thought of as an abbreviation for digital television it became more easily recognizable to use a similar shorthand for DirecTv, hence "D*"

It also falls in line with the shorthand for PrimeStar (P*), StarBand (*B), etc.

Got it?
Hi Gemini and thank you for visiting DBSTalk :hi:

As explaned already the shorthand help save a little time when posting. On the Canadian side, BEV refers to Bell Express Vu and *C for Star Choice.
Oh ok, I got it. Kinda like DBS language..lol

Now if only I can master Klingon, I will be perfect.

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