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Create Customized ALL SUB List

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I thought I'd lock out the SD duplicate channels and leave just their HD channel in my 622's ALL SUB list. Turns out you can't modify that list. Okay, just duplicate it and then modify the new list. Nope. No way to duplicate or 'select all channels' in a new list. So the only way to do this seems to be to open a new list and then individually select each channel, a daunting task with AEP + HD and two receivers to setup. Have I missed a shortcut somewhere?

What I'd really like is the same capability in system setup for satellite channels that I have for locals. The option to have the guide display only the HD channel if there are both HD and SD for that channel. That would leave me only a minor problem specific to CNBC: I prefer the SD channel when watching on TV2 because I can't read the smaller HD top and bottom crawlers on the old 20" and 27" 4:3 TVs I use for TV2 from my two 622's.
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Use channel locks.

Lock out the channels you do not want to see, hide the locked channels then you must lock the receiver for the effects of your locking to be active.
Yeah, that works. Thanks for the tip.
I'm locking channels as well.. but what a pain. I'm also doing this for the duplicate HD channels ...! I hate that the channels are all over the place. It's WAY TOO EASY to miss something. Wonder if they EVER just drop the HD duplicates!
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