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Critique my work.

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So I figured nobody is perfect in this world and we all need to be open minded to try to be a better tech. So I've decided to start putting pictures here in this thread of various installs,upgrades and service calls.

Sky Building Window Tree House

this is a stubby I put up for a guy that had a old wobbly dish. This was a upgrade receiver swap from a hr20 to a hr34. I did try the stubby Clearence between the lnb and the roof before putting bolts in it lol.


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Is this in an area that gets much snow? My initial thought would be snow accumulation may cause a problem since the LNB appears to only be a few inches off the roof, same goes for the reflector, since it might collect snow, and its placement doesn't exactly make it easy to clean off.
As a homeowner I would be happy with it. I am a big fan of the stubby mounting post. My neighbor just had one installed and looks very clean being nice and low to the roof. I am considering changing mine to the stubby mount but like my wife says, if it aint broke why mess with it.:grin:
It would be helpful if the OP listed his general location in the UserCP.
Hi All
I had a very low to the roof dish and it worked fine, but when it rained the splash effect of rain on the roof killed it in short order.
I dont think most people realize how much splash you get in a heavy rain.
Think of it this way, you get the rain drop when it comes down and then again when it splashes.
Twice the rain means more rain fade.

Not bad. Not a big fan of the cable routing though. I would have ran it in the guttter and hidden behind the drain pipe.
For future reference though, remember that the official name for the "stubby" is now called the "ODU Easy Mount" ;)
The bends are probably too tight in the facia lower edge traverse. The minimum bend radius of RG6 is on the order of 1-3/8". The numbers for quad shield are closer to 2-1/2".

Transmission characteristics will likely drop off (perhaps not enough to worry about) as the cable becomes elliptical in the tight bends.

A good UV-resistant white would have been less of a standout.
revolg said:
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90 degree bend on the ground is no good.
I would agree there. But this guy was super anal about it at all.
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