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I have my HR20 using a custom favorite channel. I have it set up so that I do not see the SD channels for locals and comcast sports. If I type in 640 on the remote, it always goes to the SD version of the channel. If I type in any other local channel, it goes to the HD version of the channel.

I noticed that when creating the custom favorites, that it has the HD as the first channel and the SD version as the second version of the channel.

CBS Channel 2 HD
CBS Channel 2 SD
NBC Channel 5 HD
NBC Channel 5 SD

When it comes to comcast sports, it has it listed in reverse order.

CSN Channel 640 SD
RSN Channel 640 HD RSN = Regional Sports Network but it is CSN in HD.

I thought it was suppose to go to the HD version first and then go to the SD version second. This is just more annoying than anything else. They need to be more consistent.

Just in case :grin:

Current setup
Sony 40V2500
HDMI cable
SW version 0xFA

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The RSN are "reversed"... HD second.
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