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Short version of a long story:
1.H20-600 failed to find satellite...
2.CSR refused to replace
3.Office of President and Directv special tech came up with fix (beta software download).
4. Month later, it took a software download and never recovered
5. Called and CSR (Thadd) said H20-600s were being recalled.
6. Asked Thadd if I could upgrade to HR22. He said yes, but computer wouldn't let him.
7. Thadd sent me a H21. Said to activate for one day, call him back (gave me his info) and he would let me buy a HR22 at Best Buy and send me a return box for the H21, and credit my account for the difference
8: Found out the mailed H21 to wrong address and it was refused, and sent back
9: CSR Benjamin offered to reship. I explained how stupid it was to send a H21 and me send it right back.
10. Benjamin agreed and told me to just go buy whatever dvr I wanted at Best Buy.
11. Called back two hrs later with new HR22 installed. Got CSR from Florida (didnt get her name unfortunantly). She got HR22 authorized. Then spent (and this is not an exaggeration) 2 hours trying to get her computer to send me a free AM21. It refused since my hd locals were just turned on last week (sans pbs,cw,mntv, and 4 other ota locals). Finally she said she just couldn't do it...so I got on the website, and ordered it myself ($54) and she credited my account $100.

I have never had CSR's bend over backwards trying to help me get this problem right, and it seems their computer system is the limiting factor...but they sure get an A for effort. Much better experience than years past.

I missed out on a free Am21 by a week, but all in all, got my OTA capable DVR upgrade for $150, which is 1/2 what I paid for my HR20 ($299) and my parents HR20 ($319)... and was really pleased with the CSR experience this time around.

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It sounds like the CSRs were really trying to be helpful to take care of your reasonable request. It is a shame that they had to "bend over backwards" and spend hours of their time and your time to do something Thadd should have been able to do in seconds a few weeks ago.
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