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I got an interesting call yesterday evening. It was an automated call from D* wondering if I could verify if I had the current HD reciever to be able to get their current HD package or something like that. It told me to turn on my HD TV and reciever. I really didn't know if this was a true call or not. You know people will try and pose as D* to steal your smart card number or anything like that just to get free tv :nono2: ..... So anyway it then told me to tune to channel 480 which said "Correct HD Dish setup. 103 B-Band Odd (13V)". Then it asked me if I see the "Correct HD Dish setup" and to press 1 if I did. So I did that. Then it said "Congratulations you have the current HD setup thank you for your time"

For people with Caller ID it came up on mine as:
Toll Free

I did call D* and spoke with a CSR which she didn't know what I was talking about. She did put me on hold to find out if this is something they were doing. Then she came back on the line and told me Yea Directv does that sometime to verify your equipment. Ummm Shouldn't they know that already :confused: ....

Has anyone else gotten this automated call?
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