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D* called me to offer a free HD receiver!

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I have the Plus HD DVR package including a HR20-100, H20-100 and a Sony SAT-HD200 (that I purchased about 5 years ago and own) on three sets (the TV the Sony is on is 4:3 and not HD). D* called me last week and offered my a free HD receiver to replace my old Sony HD receiver. The guy (sounded like he was on drugs) said it was due to new "birds" they had launched and my old Sony wouldn't get the new HD signals....and I could keep my old HD Sony (again, I own it). I asked again "how much is this gonna' cost me" and he assured me it was free. I said OK as it was going on a non-HD set anyway for the time being.

Installer came out yesterday with new/in the box H23-600, hooked it up and it works perfectly with my Series 2 Tivo. I noticed that the H23 doesn't have the little gray thinggy that has to be connected to the incoming cable either. Has anyone else received this free solicitation from D* to upgrade their equipment ta-ta?
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It's all in the grand scheme to get rid of MPEG2 HD equipment. Most people with such equipment have been contacted in one way or the other.
My Sony SAT HD-200 died a couple of weeks ago. I called Directv to arrange for a new HD capable reeiver and they gave me (no charge) the H23-600. My monthly fee for a second receiver stays the same, replacing Sony with H23-600. The H23-600 has no BBC converter. It also has no OTA tuner built in so if you are not yet receiving Directv HD locals and your TV is only "HD ready" you will lose OTA HD.
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