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D* + Radio Interferance

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Anyone ever hear of a dish/receiver causing radio or EM interferance? I had someone state this is happening at their house affecting pluged in radios or walkmans. I was able to hear it over the phone. It's that hum you get sometimes when you drive under/next to power lines. Anyone have any clues? I just had someone out to check grounding and replace cables a few days back.
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Generally speaking, there's nothing about DIRECTV radio frequencies that show up in the AM or FM radio bands. The computer-like parts shouldn't cause much in the way of interference either.

As for similarity to power lines, the outputs are DC, audio and video at relatively low voltage and negligibly small currents. I'd say look for a different scapegoat.
So does the customer have the right idea to get their electric company out?
I've had bad phone lines cause those issues, and radios that were close to a phone line were affected. personally, and this is opinion only, I'd unplug incoming phone line and see what that does before dealing with a utility company.

on the flip side, I've also had a neighborhood transformer cause this.
Your Dish does not transmit anything over the air.
Does your friend have their plasma tv on? Those things can cause radio interference
xIsamuTM said:
So does the customer have the right idea to get their electric company out?
Absolutely, but unless you have a transformer nearby I doubt they're the source of any "hum". Usually interference from the power company is a static/buzz. If you have good cause to suspect the power company's equipment then they should fix it.

Can any of this equipment cause problems? You bet. Power supplies go bad, grounds go bad, ground-loops occur, blah blah. I doubt the satellite equipment has anything to do with it though. Someone mentioned plasma TVs - RFI-wise some of them are incredibly horrible and will wipe out the AM band. Even a neighbor's plasma is capable of putting out enough garbage to interfere.

Some battery-backup systems put out a lot of noise too. I've seen a couple of common UPS systems that cause a hum that alternatives in frequency even half-second or so.

Do some detective-work before jumping to any conclusions though. Turn off and unplug major appliances like TVs, and listen for any change on the radio. Do it one by one. If the problem is a single device you'll probably find it. If not, turn off all major appliances and devices then find the main breaker for the house and switch it off. If the problem persists then it is either caused by a battery-operated device (unlikely) or comes from outside the house.
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My DirecTV satellite system causes RF interference all over the MW and SW spectrum, but only at very close distances and and widely-separated distinct frequencies.

The radios or antennas probably need more separation from the satellite receivers.
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