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D* Wwe ppv issue tonight ???

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is any one else having issues getting authorized to view this program?

im at a resturant in va beach and they are still unable to the ppv.
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They were doing you a favor. "Wrestling" has been terrible for decades.
GutBomb said:
They were doing you a favor. "Wrestling" has been terrible for decades.
Ok...this post is as relevant as ever. :rolleyes:

I didn't have any troubles with the PPV tonight.
No problems here was some good matches.
it took them like an hour to get the feed up..

at first the screen had the normal press select to order.. then when the mgr pressed select.. there was an error message... "check phone line... "

so they called D* for business...

i didnt know exactly what happened after that .. but we didn't get picture till mid way into the HBK and Jherico match...

which was right at about 9pm EST.

this happened about 2 years ago for Summer Slam but i was at a hooters for that event.

i'm guessing the residential subs were ok.. but does any one know if there were issues on the D* for business side??
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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