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I was so hoping for an American win this morning against Poland (and I'm pure-bred Polish). It would have meant a very special event coming up at our house.

My landlord downstairs has a high school exchange student in the house until next Wednesday, when he returns to his native Italy. Marco is, of course, very into the World Cup.

If the US had beaten (or as things turned out, tied) Poland this morning, Italy and the United States would have met in the next round on Tuesday morning, Marco's last full day here. It would have been so much fun to watch the game with him, and we could have sent him off with a memorable day that he'd recall every four years.

Last night, I explained to Marco that I didn't know soccer etiquette and I asked him "If Italy beats the US, do I beat you up, or do you beat me up?" He said he'd let me know after the game. :)
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