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"Dash" Command on 622 Remote?

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is there any way to get a 622 remote to send a "dash" command, e.g. 12-1, 17-1, etc. I need to teach a Harmony remote such a command so I can add HD channels to my media list.

Thanks for any help.

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mraub said:
is there any way to get a 622 remote to send a "dash" command, e.g. 12-1, 17-1, etc.
Enter in 0121 and 0171.
Or 01201 or 01701 if there are any problems with the short versions.
(I seem to remember the "0121" style not working in the past --- it works now.)
Neither of these suggestions work. When I send, for example, 0121, to the 622 it tunes to channel 121, not 12-1. The longer command sends me to some foreign channel I don't subscribe to. I think I'm going to need a dash command, or perhaps one for a period.

01201 should always work... but you can't be slow about hitting the buttons. If you hit 0, then pause too long, it resets the entry so make sure you are typing it all together.

I've never had any problems. I don't have a 12-1 here... but I do have an 11-1 here in the area and can assure you that 01101 works for me and does not try to send me to a satellite channel. Maybe you just need to try again?

We are assuming, of course, that you have scanned for local channels (or added them manually) through the 622 setup menu and have an OTA antenna connected and can actually get the channel to which you are trying to tune. If not (i.e. if you are not properly configured to actually receive your 12-1 channel) then no combination of keys will make it work.
Instead of "send to the 622", try pressing "01201" on the 622 supplied IR remote - not the Harmony list. You should go directly to 12-01. If I enter "0101" and wait a bit, I'm taken to 10-01. Entering all 5 digits speed it up for me. If you are "training" a remote and it mimic's time lag between buttons, get all 5 digits entered quickly. I'd bet you have no trouble if you enter 01201 with the 622 remote itself.

If your "media list" contains "0121", the 622 may be waiting for the 5th digit which comes from the 1st digit of the next channel. The same happens when I just enter "010" - it pauses waiting for me to enter "00", "01", ... You can use the 4 digit 0121 if you put a Select button at the end of the channel to "end the wait". Likewise, "012Select" will take you to 12-00 (assumes you have something mapped to that - 12-01 if you don't). If your entry doesn't begin with a zero, the 622 doesn't wait or need the Select (but "12Select" works for channel 12).

WAG - I don't have a Harmony!
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