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All listings must contain a price.

Do not create more than one single ad for an item.

Under no circumstances is anyone to reply to a post suggesting that the item can be found cheaper elsewhere. That is the responsibility of the purchaser to look for the best deal - not for forum members to point out. Members are trying to sell their items in a safe environment without fear of others trying to undercut their sales.

No bootleg/pirated or illegal material may be sold in this forum.

DBSTalk does not promote/endorse any products listed for sale in this area. We will not, as a policy, become involved in any disputes between sellers and buyers. However, please note that your participation on the forum is a privilege, not a right, and that your privileges may be revoked if there are serious, legitimate complaints about you.

No auctions or sales on eBay, Craigslist or any other sale sites.

Do NOT ask members to pay you through PayPal "friends and family" or another unprotected method.

Those who violate these rules risk having their item(s) deleted and account terminated.
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Not open for further replies.