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We are proud to introduce what we hope becomes a regular feature here at DBSTalk.COM

The DBSTalk.COM News Update!

This video give you the latest DBS News and Information in a breif yet informative video format.

While we don't think we will be winning any academy awards anytime soon, we do think that you will enjoy this news feature!

And I must admit that I am no Laurie Farkus. :)

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Scott - you are in a league of your own.

Nice first effort.
Nice faeture. I like it. Hope it become regular.
I'd hate to think what he'd accomplish if he had some time on his hands! :lol:
Originally posted by Scott Greczkowski

And I must admit that I am no Laurie Farkus. :)

No doubt about that! :D

Keep up the good work. :goodjob:
Once again you have shown, by example, why this is the most advanced DBS forum on the net today.

You guys continue to leave the others standing still !
You forgot to put on a coat and tie, lose the
baseball cap, and blow dry your hair just like
the anchors on local tv news. (P.S. You can
still wear shorts or blue jeans as long as
you are seated behind a fancy news set!) LOL!
Seriously, this is a nice feature.
It was my first time using this new software which captured and edited the video for me.

I should have been sitting up another couple of inches in so that while looking down at my monitor which was acting as a TelePrompter it would look like I am looking at the camera instead of down at the screen.

Part of the problem is my monitor is too big. I was sitting on a few pillows to raise me up but I needed at least one more. :)

I also need to talk slower. :) As I do more of these I will get more comfortable in front of the camera, if you could have seen the first 20 takes you will see how much I progressed in that time. :)

The hat was one of DBSTalk.COM baseball caps which is available for purchase from our online store. :D

I thought about putting on a tie and everything but it was to dang hot, a lot of light is needed to light the green screen behind me so that I can put the animation behind me. :)

Glad you guys liked it. I have a few ideas for it in the future. And as always I look for your input and ideas as well!
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Scott's World!! Scott's World!!

VERRRY C:cool::cool:L!!!

Naah, don't do the coat & tie! In the spirit of the board, let's keep it informal.

I'd hate to tell you what I was wearing when I was watching... :eek::blush:
Originally posted by Nick
I'd hate to tell you what I was wearing when I was watching... :eek:
So would we! :D
And for goodness sakes, nobody ask our vacationing friend what he was wearing! ;)

Curiosity question: What software, Scott?

My thoughts while watching this were - Gee, this looks more professional than E* news segments and promos.
"...looks more professional than E* news segments and promos"

That's fer shure! :)
I wasn't serious about the coat and tie.
That's all we need here is another blow dried
anchor type....let's keep it informal!
Dont forget the 'green' shirts, or a shirt that says dbstalk.com or dish on it, just like charlie and jim wear, lol.
I'd like to see him wear the apron! :eek2:
If I wore a green shirt you would not see me. :) I am using chroma key for the backround (the blue spinning backround behind me is inserted in place of the color green)

It actually hard picking a shirt to wear that wouldnt cause me to get lost in the chroma key and so that the patterns were not distractive to the camera.
Very nice!
Now I'm waiting for the next one.

I hope you will become a start and still remember us;)
Hi Scott...for the first time out you did a great job.....i love the news concept....Tom Brokaw eat your heart out....and casual is nice....love the spinning globe at the back a touch of BBC there......keep up the good work.......i like it i like it............mel
Scott , that was a really good job, better than my local news.
The whole thing looked very professional and I hope you will continue to do it as well. :righton:
Now he needs a dressing room and makeup and he's on his way... :D
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