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DBSTalk was mentioned on Tech Chat!!!

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Did ya'll see/hear it?!
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I was just getting ready to go to work, and was listening to Tech Chat on the TV, when I heard us mentioned. I taped it so I'm going to have to go back and watch it.
I mention DBS Talk almost everytime I talk with a CSR at Dish.

In fact the other day while I was talking to one CSR I mentioned DBS Talk.com and the CSR made a wise crack saying
"yeah, I read from DBS Talk and DBS Forums regularly just to pass the time."
He said that he gets quite a kick at some of the things some of the posters say will fix something when it doesn't have anything to do with the problem.

I told him , well join the crowd, I get a hell of a kick out of some of the things CSR's tell people to do too.
Some of your CSR's don't have the vaguest idea in hell what they are talking about either, and they work for DISH.
It set him back and he had to stammer for words to say.

I told him there are people here who probably know alot more than most of the CSR's who work there IMHO. It set him back a bit and he was supposed to be a advanced tech.

There are things I have learned from DISH Network CSR's like pull the plug for a hard re-boot, turn the on / off switch off for a soft reboot, pull the smart card, and how to do a switch test. he he lol.

I always do these things before ever calling DISH for anything anyway.

But one thing I can say for sure I don't believe anybody here has openly lied through their teeth when they did not know what to do. I know for sure DISH CSR's have lied several times to me about things. They were however corrected as I told them that was bullsh*t and they knew it.
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Very well put Snagel. I agree with you. People here may give out incomplete information but as far as I know, nobody ever lies just to mess with someone. Not to knock all Dish CSR's but some of them tell you what you want to hear.
Some of them don't even tell you what you want to hear.
Some of them will tell you anything just to get you off the phone so they are not put on the spot, because they are clueless.

I know all of the CSR's I have dealt with are not all like that but a big number of them are not very good.
Most have not even heard of these sites, probably because most csr's dont even have a Dish system or some probably dont even have a computer.

Wonder why they did not mention DBSForums? I remember when they mentioned DBSDish.com before it became DBSForums. Thats how I got on here myself.
one time I mentioned DBStalk to a "advance csr" when I had a slight problem with my 721. After a while he said "can you give me some of those sites you mentioned, I'd like to check them out" :) That there was a good CSR! :D
He had interest in finding out about certain things, and maybe had an interest in this as a hobby. That is indeed a good CSR. Never had any that wanted to find out the name of the sites as of yet, unless they already knew about them and I didnt know it.
I heard that too and posted on dbsforums. However I got the typical snooze no response. But again, to bad E* is not listening...
Originally posted by Darkman
Did ya'll see/hear it?!
Back on topic, I watched it last night and he actually said "Our Forum" like it was Dish's own Forum.
Originally posted by DarrellP

Back on topic, I watched it last night and he actually said "Our Forum" like it was Dish's own Forum.
I was wondering if anyone was going to catch that. It did sound a little funny. Probably a slip of the tongue. Maybe I should e-mail them and ask them for a paycheck. :)
i missed it..
just heard DBSTalk forum..
probably - they just had a slip...
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