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DC Metro 2 satellite failure on setup...

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I have the Slimline 5 LNB dish with the HD package.

Satellites 99 and 103 failed on setup but the Dtv installer said that was normal.

At first I thought he was correct as I could pick up the local HD channels and could not find a channel that I should get that I couldn't.

However, now I can no longer see the HD local channels in the guide, in fact I cannot see the lower numbered local NON-HD channels either.

No idea what is going on, I think either a bad install alignment or perhaps an LNB or two is going bad.

This was only installed a week ago.
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It's true that the H20 HD Receive will "fail" the satellite setup test, so that's probably OK since you were originally receiving all of your channels.

But something obviously happened that has caused the Receiver to lose its "local channel authorization". You can re-send that authorization yourself .....

You'll need a DirecTV online account.

Is this your only DirecTV Receiver? Have your other Receivers also lost local channels?
Thanks, I didn't know about the reset option, I will check if that fixes it or not.
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