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skbkrb said:
I also have the 14-XXX error (don't remember the entire code) on a 3 year old box. Tech support said there is no way to recover anything, and this will cause a household revolt. Can I also try the diagnostic test? It's a leased unit, but is there any method to recover the programs? I'm probably not savvy enough to remove the drive and run those test programs you described.

For future reference, how would I backup programs. It's possible on cell phones and computers, why not DVR's?
Two options for that, one is the DirecTV Nomad. If you have the networked Whole Home, you can plug that in and get recordings transferred to lower-res video files for iPad use.

The other is to record from the analog outputs to a DVD recorder or a high def usb card. Not real easy to automate that.

I guess the third would be to have a second receiver record the same things which is what I do.

As for backing up, like a computer? Not possible for mortals.
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