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Hard Drive died. Called DTV and they replaced it with a less than desirable HR20-700. They did not want the 100 back and said I could toss it. So, I would like some thought on options:
1) Replace HD in HR20-100 with a 500 GB or 1 TB relatively inexpensively? I like the fact that it has an internal cooling fan and runs cooler than the 700 which has slots all over the top and sides. Also, the 700 only has a 300 GB HD.
2) Called DTV again. Multiple upgrade offers exist, but no Genie. Current pricing they offered for that was $299 for Genie, $99 for ea. Client, $49 for install. Pricey.
3) Another upgrade option was a new HR2x DVR, Whole Home and Cinema Connection kit (is this the DECA?) for $99.

In addition to the dead HR20, I also have an HR21-200 with an AM21 attached to it. Desired setup (if I can get the price down) would be HR34 with 2 or 3 clients. Is there any reason to keep the HR21-200 with this setup?

Long time DTV customer since '98. Choice Xtra Classic. No SWM - 2 coax to both receivers w/B-band adapters. Hard-wired to internet through ethernet connections on back of receivers. No whole home.

Thanks in advance.

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I have an owned HR20-100 in which the hard drive died some time ago. I replaced it with a 1TB drive and was well satisfied with the result. The fix was easy, and you can get that size drive for around $80 or less (shop around on the internet - be sure to check the link below). I used a Western Digital drive, and it's been going for over three years now without a problem (knock on wood), and, I haven't filled it up yet. The process to replace the drive is pretty straightforward. (If you're interested, I can post the directions.) I value the built-in OTA receiver feature of my HR20 so want to keep it running as long as possible. Unless you own the unit, it will violate your TOS, but hey, they don't want the receiver back anyway. Your only problem might be getting them to take back the new receiver and reactivate the one that you canceled. Don't know how that would work if your dead receiver came back to life??


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I have had three HRs fail before my HR20-700, which is still humming along (not literally) with an external HDD.

Last month, when my HR20-100 failed, D* wanted it back, and fined me $250 to incent me to return it. I did, of course, and they refunded my fine after 3 calls from me.

The $99 might be worth it to get your DVRs networked and sharing, especially if you have no interest in doing it yourself.

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I've been looking for a replacement drive for my HR20-100 I've been looking at the Barracuda's vs the Pipeline HD's.

Are the Pipeline HD's worth the extra cost? More than double? It has twice the cache, but the RPM and SATA rate seems slower, but I guess the firmware is more optimized for HD/DVR usage?

I replaced my HR20-100 drive about 5 years ago but recently it's gotten real noisy and I'm starting to see dropouts in recordings when pausing or jumping backward/forward.

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