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Dead Tuners, Intermittantly

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sorry folks I posted this is the wrong area, in issues only. This is a repost.

Rather than re-typing my entire problem I am quoting this post from mid July because it exactly duplicates my problem. Let me add this - I cannot switch the cables they are on too tight - done by an installer. Also, RBR caused Tuner 1 to act normally on one satellite and then tuner 2 started showing no signal on other transponders.

I am getting all black recordings on HBO and TNT - but have not tried other channels.

There has been no rain, no wind. This has been going on since download of the 7/16 release. Equipment as noted below by OP.

My question is, should I call them or just give up...seriously. The only way I can record anything at all is to turn the box on, tune to the channel, and make sure it is coming in, then set record and never turn it off. So it is now on 24/7 of course I turned the tv off

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Just over a week ago - started missing recordings - several were blank. Tonight - finally decided to do some troubleshooting and come here to see what might be up. I realized that at times one tuner seemed to just be dead - no signal. So I checked signal meters - Tuner 1 has 0 for every transponder of ever sat, tuner 2 seems to be OK. I changed the cables at the back of the machine - checked and tuner 1 is still all 0's - tuner 2 seems to be OK. So as seems to be the common theme - either a hardware problem with tuner 1 which I highly doubt after seeing all the other problems here problem started just about the same time I see that my box upgraded to 0x254 on 7/16.

While I was troubleshooting I realize that the power light on the unit will go off and back on for a few seconds at a time - even though the circle of lights and the light indicating resolution never go off. This has been about 10 days now - D* really needs to get with it. I'll call tomorrow and log a problem.
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You need to get yourself a wrench or pliers to loosen those cables! :righton: Even if D* agrees it’s a defective receiver, it’s likely they’ll ship you a replacement and you’ll need to unhook this one for the swap. I’d definitely try to see if it’s specific to a tuner or sat feed. It could be a bad BBC. It could even be a bad LNB or multiswitch or a bad cable connection. Without being able to unhook the sat feeds, you’ll never be able to test it. Of course if you have the PP, just call for a service visit to have it checked out.
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