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Deadliest Catch - How is Phil doing?

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So, has there been any information on how Captain Phil of the Cornelia Marie is doing? Has he recovered from the Pulmonary Embolism? Anyone hear or read anything?
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I have not heard anything and there was nothing about him on last nights episode.
http://www.corneliamarie.com/ seems to indicate that he is doing OK (and on a lot of medication for the clot).
SO, I guess you guys are not watching After the Catch?

He mentioned that he "was" quite sick in one of the previous episdoes and the one from this week deals extensively with the whole thing judging by teh episode description, but I have not watched it yet.

He seemed to be in good health from what I can see, or at least as good as Phil can look considering he sits in the wheelhouse all day smoking and drinking Red Bull.
I saw the last episode of After The Catch.I honestly thought he looked horrible.While the other guys were talking you could see it in his face,he didn't look good at all.I thought he was putting on a smile for the cameras.I don't think he wanted to be there.I do wish him well & a speedy recovery.The show would not be the same without him.
After the Catch was the reason I asked. I figured it wasn't live and may have been taped a couple months back.
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