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Default zipcode in active channels

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Everytime HR20 box resets, the zipcode defaults to CA. Why can't they pick it up the default zipcode in the satellite setting option? This is a pain I have to type it in once in a while. It's not a really big deal but it's doable and they have no clue...
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Well, it has been this way since the D10-100, so I don't think it's quite as easy as you think. Unless of course you want to be an interactive software developer at DirecTV and develop the means to do it yourself. I mean Java (or whatever the heck they use) couldn't be that hard for a first timer on a CE device. :D
cuibap said:
I've been doing software development for years and that is what I do for living. Granted I haven't worked on CE device but wouldn't be different, different compilers and debuging tools but that's about it. From your post, I don't think you have a clue on programming. Like others have said, the box already stores other info, why not re-use that for the weather zipcode.
Because it may take a LONG time for an interactive application to pull something like that up if it's on the receiver. I wouldn't want to wait over a minute just so the application can look for/store my zip code after every reset or whatever.
tibber said:
:confused: :confused: During the boot process, the HR20 does many, many things of course. Some of them including waiting for hardware tuners to change state during the startup tests. Reading 1 integer zipcode, 2 bytes, from non-volatile memory will literally occur before the voltage change on the tuner is recognized by the multiswitch. :)

As has been mentioned before, the HR20 already stores a lot of data in non-volatile memory that it already picks up. And there is a lot of disk space...surely two more bytes can fit somewhere...:rolleyes:

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But the Active channel isn't involved in the boot process. The app doesn't even run until you press the Active button on your remote or receiver. I mean, if DirecTV could do what y'all want them to do in a reasonable manner on all interactive receivers, I'm sure they would. But they may not know of a good way yet or it's just something not high on the priority list for the interactive developers that have to pump out these new interactive applications every darn month!
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