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Dear Dish guru's,

I am experiencing "Channel Signal Loss" issues on one of my 2 722s, but only on certain channels (e.g. BBCA, MSNBC).

When this happens, rebooting the receiver resolves the problem for a time, but then it reappears.

I get "three greens" for 110/119/129 on the system info screen.

When I do the "Check Signal" test, I see interesting results -- for some satellites/transponders on 110/119/129, I get the same good values for tuner 1 and tuner 2, however for certain 129 transponders (20 and 30), I get a good result for tuner 1, but 0 for tuner 2. When I do the same test on my other working 722, I get good numbers on both tuners for all satellites/transponders.

Both 722s are hooked-up to the same same switch (DPP44) and dish.

Do these diagnostics point to a problem with tuner 2 on the malfunctioning 722 (i.e. requiring a receiver replacement), or something else?

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