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Did Echostar Blow it?

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I got this in my email a little while ago, I am kind of guessing and think that the author is a member here as the article was sent to my DBSTalk.COM email address instead of my regular private address.

So Phillip if you are here say HI!

Read this its an interesting read.

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I just hope that the merger is resolved quickly. I now hope it goes through to just end the DBS limbo that is stalling both E* and D*. I have a bad feeling that if Feds disapprove it will stay in limbo for many more years.
Interesting article. I do take issue with the view of the ABC/ESPN and Fox channels squabble. I LIKE the fact that the carrier is willing to stand up to the programmer's attempts at extortion. I like the fact that Dish was willing to lose customers in order to tell the programmers, "I wont pay to much for this muffler." The reason why Cable and multi-channel services have gotten as expensive as they are is 100% due to the amount of money they have to lay out to program supplyers.

See ya
I agree for the most part, Tony. I don't like their willingness to lose customers, though. While it shows E*'s hard-line stance and bargaining power, it alienates subs. E* needs to find a balance between satisfying the billpayers and the satisfying dividend payees. By making negotiations public and airing the dirty laundry, it undermines subscriber confidence. There are many stakeholders in the DBS industry, not just the CEO and shareholders of the company.

There are many of us who don't have digital cable as an option yet. With a single digital provider, they need to prove to me that they have my best interests in mind, not just the shareholders.

While I am not for the merger (discussed at nauseum in other threads, due soley to equipment and competition issues), I believe that I could be swayed if I could be convinced that my interests are being represented as well. That is just my $.02 worth.

Very interesting article, Scott. Thanks for sharing.
Great article Scott. I tend to completely agree with it in that although E* has misstepped, the merger will go through with some sort of hand-slapping of Echostar.

The other concern, though, is the cable industry's lobbying power (not just Murdoch). My guess is that its stronger than satellite's and that may influence the course of the administration and the final ruling.

I, too, would like a decision. At this point, I don't care which way it goes, it will just solidify my decision to stay with E* or move to D*.
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