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Diplex my own stacked signal?

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I am a subscriber on a MFH1 system, and I have (indoor, in my unit) access to the stacked signal coming from the dish prior to the splitter. I also have a VHF/UHF antenna that I'd like to distribute to all of my TVs. The DirecTV receivers are connected to Sonora D575D destackers (which have the antenna output).

Is it possible for me to get something like this Terk DS-21 diplexer I found and connect the stacked signal to it, then run its output to the high frequency splitter that is currently carrying the stacked output and have everything work? By "work," I mean both legs of the destacker AND the antenna out carry the appropriate signals without stepping on each other AND without disturbing other subscribers "upstream" of me.

Of course, I must avoid "cutting and splicing," since I don't want to make permanent changes (and I don't have a coax crimper).
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yogi said:
If you have a D575D Destacker, You are not hooked up to a MFH-1.
So, if you're hook to a stack system. The diplexer would work. If you're hook to a MFH-1 system. Then it will not work.
Oh. I thought "stacked system" meant MFH1. Whoops. So, as long as I actually do have the D575D destackers, my little scheme will work? (I really do have the D575D; the tech I talked to once called it a "stacked 101 system," so I guess it's not actually called MFH1?)

If so, excellent. That's going to save me some wiring getting OTA to the other TVs.
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