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Diplexed OTA on SWM8

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Hi all,
I was wondering if there are many folks that are diplexing their OTA. I received my SWM8 today. I diplexed my OTA onto it and the signal levels at the receiver were terrible. I don't have an RF db meter to tell you how bad it was but I was able to use the signal meter on one of my HR-20's. For example I had one channel that was about 45 signal strength when diplexed. I then avoided diplexing and tried my OTA through 2 splitters (a 2-way which then feeds 2-3way splitters) Since I have 2 coax runs to every current receiver I tried the OTA this way and the signal strength jumped to 80 (SWM8 was in the 45-50 range) Might I have a bum unit or does this sound right?

From the SWM8 I only had one receiver hooked up through an SWS-4. When I ran diplexed I also tried connecting the antenna directly into the SWM8 so that it would get the strongest possible signal and still had problems. I tried a lot of scenarios with different cables/diplexors in order to rule them out.

I'd prefer to go the diplexed route if I can since I want to move some of the coax around in my bedrooms. (For some stupid reason I only had the builder put dual coax/cat 5e home runs in 3 of the 5 bedrooms....I am an idiot) So I want to free up 1 coax in 2 of the bedrooms to feed the other 2 bedrooms.
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try dish>swm>pi>diplexer>splitter>diplexer>reciever..
houskamp said:
try dish>swm>pi>diplexer>splitter>diplexer>reciever..
ok...so I'd diplex with a diplexer rather than the OTA port on the SWM8?

I just did it.

4 cables from slimline to swm8
one cable from swm8 out to PI
cable out from PI to diplexer(ota added)
diplexer behind tv, one to tuner 1 and the other cable to the ota tuner

I did NOT use the port on the SWM8.
Thanks folks I will try that. This receiver happened to be the furthest from the home run and it was getting diplexed at the end so I thought that maybe it was just losing too much signal. BUT, I did used to have an HR10-250 in that room and it had OTA diplexed (Through the multiswitch) without any issues.
Remember if you use the OTA port on the SWM the signal is already being split two ways to drive the two SWM output ports. So if you need four lines carrying OTA, you should have a two way splitter on each SWM output line NOT a four-way splitter on one SWM output line.
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I notice on the sonoradesign site they show (in example #3) the ota combined before the pi. Does it matter which comes first?

johnoneal said:
I notice on the sonoradesign site they show (in example #3) the ota combined before the pi. Does it matter which comes first?
No, you can diplex before the PI. Just make sure the diplexer has power-pass only on the sat side.
Does the Channel Master 4002IFD have power-pass on the sat side?
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