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Direct2PC Problem on one computer

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Just got HR34 (+ 4 H25). Directv2PC works on my laptop but not on my desktop. Both see the HR34 on the network, but on the desktop it doesn't load the playlist (or Directv Cinema). Both computers run Windows 7. Both have Windows firewall off. Both have the same graphics engine, Core i3 on the laptop, Core i5 on the desktop. Both can ping the HR34. Both are hard wired to my router. From googling this problem I have also made sure Parental Lock is off, Windows Media Share is on. I am out of ideas. Help.
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Check system, applications, etc logs in Win7; different codecs on the computers perhaps ?
Nothing in the logs, no error messages at the times I tried this. Codecs would effect playback. Problem is just that computer doesn't load the playlist from the DVR. I just checked on the DVR under Photo sharing and it sees my desktop computer (of course that is the other direction of data). So I have verified several ways that they are connected and can talk to each other (ping, etc).
Well, then try dbgview, spy++ or other debugging tools...
Do you have vmware installed? It will cause problems.
I did have VMware installed but I was aware of the issue. First I disabled its network connections, didn't work. Then I just uninstalled it, didn't work. I may search for any remaining files or registry entries depending on how my clean install test goes.

I installed Directv2PC on another computer I have and it worked.

I put in a spare hard disk and restored it to my configuration one year ago, didn't work. That did have VMware on it however.

Now I am go to just install a clean copy of windows on that disk and see what happens. Will post back.
Something really weird here. First a summary.
Computer 1 has problem. Directv2PC runs but can't load playlist.
Computer 2, it works.
Just installed on Computer 3, it works.
So I go back to computer 1 and on a spare drive do a clean install of Windows 7. Directv2Pc runs, loads the playlist, plays programs but screen is green, audio plays.
Go back to computer 3 and it now it has the green screen. Worked one hour ago.
Computer 2 still works.

In all cases the network communications are OK both ways. I tried with only one computer on (other 2 off) in each case, no change. All 3 computers are hard wired to router, all have Intel Core CPUs.

I am beginning to think Directv2PC is just flaky, not worth the effort. Problem could also be in the HR34 software which is still "immature". Called Directv tech support, no help.
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