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DirecTivo Philips Message 86

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I have a Philips Directivo DSR7000
About a week ago nothing was recording and tonight I checked the To Do list and it shows No Program Scheduled or something similar. I thought it was odd because there are tons of Law and Orders on and its in the season pass manager.
So I go to the season pass manager and change the recording options for #1 and then go back to the to do list and they are now showing up but I have to do that for each one. I get down to 26 of 28 (1-25 and 27-28 are fine) and I edit the Season Pass which is Keywod - title Law and Order (so it records any channel) I then click ok to change the options and I get the following:
"Your Request could not be processed please try again. Message #86"
I thought it was odd since it is now recording other programs and all the other 27 items on the season pass manager seemed ok. One suggestion on the tivo forums was to reboot, i tried and it didnt help.
Any suggestions? I will try to delete it and add it back but it seems odd.

Also, I have a few hundred hours of recordings on it and they seem ok (two internal hard drives).
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hard drive going bad, getting bad sectors, either weaknees or call dtv for a refurb leased interactive directv branded dvr
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