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DirecTivo & UltimateTV owners: a question about remotes...

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Hi everyone :) I was wondering if you folks could help me out.
It is VERY important to me that the remotes that come with
either the UltimateTV or DirecTivo be able to operate my A/V receiver.
I currently have a Dish Network PVR 501 and I must say it
operates all my other components very well.I am not concerned
about my VCR or TV--almost any remote can operate those.
I downloaded the RCA UltimateTV manual and under the codes
listed for VCR,TV,Cable Boxes and so on there is literally no section
marked A/V Receiver--am I missing something? Here's what I need
to know:

Can someone who has either a RCA UltimateTV,the Sony UltimateTV
or the SonyTivo tell me if there are programmable codes listed for A/V
receivers and if so are there any codes for either Pioneer or harman/kardon
receivers? I am referring to the integrated units meaning DirecTivo or
Direct UltimateTV receivers.I only need the remote to do basic A/V
receiver operations: on,off,volume up/down and mute.Thanks a lot
for reading this :)
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Thanks Guys--I appreciate all of your help.On the TivoCommunity site there is a thread re the Sony remote for the Sony DirecTivo and how to program it to learn basic A/V receiver commands(though it's not documented in their booklet!) :)
Guys--anybody have Sony's version of the DirecTV/UltimateTV box? It looks like that's the one I'm going to get--does anybody know if that remote can learn or be programmed for A/V receivers?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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