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Directtv bill

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I was looking at my bill, I have 3 tv in my home with directtv, was I charged for a 4th tv? One of my tv is a Humax with built in directtv. Thanks

01/02/2007 Payment - CCard $-79.26 $0.00
01/02/2007 Monthly Bill $0.00 $0.00
01/02/2007 Primary Leased Receiver $-4.99 $0.00
01/02/2007 Primary Leased Receiver - Charge $4.99 $0.46
01/02/2007 DIRECTV Protection Plan - Charge $5.99 $0.56
01/02/2007 TOTAL CHOICE PLUS - Charge $49.99 $4.12
01/02/2007 HD Package - Charge $9.99 $0.82
01/02/2007 DIRECTV DVR Service $5.99 $0.49
01/02/2007 Leased Receiver $4.99 $0.46
01/02/2007 Additional Receiver - Charge $4.99 $0.41
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How many DVRs/RECEIVERS do you have? If you have three in addition to a built in receiver on your Humax, then you should be getting charged for three $4.99 receivers. There should be a $0.00 "charge" for your Primary Leased Receiver, $4.99 Leased Receiver for any other DVRs/Receivers that are actually a box and it looks like the built in D* receiver in your Humax is correctly being charged as an "Additional Receiver" (since you OWN that receiver and don't lease it).

Is that your bill in it's entirety? I would think that third line should really say $0.00 and $0.00 tax with the fourth line being just "Leased Receiver", not Primary. Is there a $4.99 credit on there somewhere as well?

Maybe post the actual D* equipment you have and it will be easier to tell what you should be charged.
HD DVR box with tivo
Regular directtv box
Humax tv with built in box

Thats everything that is listed.


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Look closely and you"ll see a minus sign in front of the first $4.99.

They are subtracting it, then adding it on, which zeroes it out.
LOL - in the wee hours of the morning I didn't differentiate that from the dashes used as separaters in the other lines of information.

Gotta charge that sales tax on the "free" primary receiver! :)
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