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Hey guys,

I am normally over on the Dish Network section, but this came across my attention today and figured it may be worth posting in this section of the form. Apparently, Bell Expressvu, a Canadian DBS Provider has been spun off into Telesat. Now with this spinoff comes its own funding and that includes new money my Telesat to construct a new satellite to be called Nimiq 5. Now, Telesat released a news release < http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/December2006/18/c8244.html > and there is an interesting piece to the article, which states as follows..

In conjunction with the change of ownership, Telesat received approval
from its board of directors to order a Nimiq 5 satellite and to provide Bell
ExpressVu with access to expanded satellite capacity in the future. Telesat
anticipates that construction of the Nimiq 5 satellite will commence early
next year. Nimiq 5 will be a high-power, thirty-two transponder, direct
broadcast satellite located at Telesat's 72.5 degree West Longitude orbital
location. It will be used by Bell ExpressVu to expand its direct-to-home
satellite service offerings
Now, I am not saying I am qualifed or anything, but to me, that sounds as if DirecTV 1, the current satellite located at 72.5 is going to be replaced by a Canadian bird @ 72.5 and used for the Expressvu service. Now who knows what kinks that may put in DirecTVs plans...

I do know that Dish Network has to get permission for Echostar 5 @ 129 from the Canadians because that too was a Canadian orbital location...
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