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Directv and black-outs

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I understand Directv's obligation to blackout certain sporting events. I also understand that they are required to blackout old rebroadcasts of classic sporting events. This is not a question on that. Why are they blacking out non sporting events.

Two examples
Cardinals winter warm up. This is a charity event held in St. Louis. The show is a recap of went on at the charity event and interview with players.

Spotlight-show is a one on one interview with a member of one of the St. Louis players.

Why are these always blacked out? I have called on so many occasions in the past on this and no one can answer why these are being blacked out.
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It all falls under the umbrella of broadcast rights. Even replays of games and shows featuring game clips can be blacked out. I am certain that DirecTV would rather not have to black out so much programming.
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