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From the WBQC Yahoo Listserv:

There are a lot of UPN25 viewers that have DirecTv who have asked us
if UPN25 would be added to their service.

We see the DirecTv situation in three phases. Phase One: Contract
Agreement; Phase Two: Fiber Connection; Phase Three: Flip the Switch.

Well, here's some good news for everyone. Phase One has been
completed. Earlier today, we received a signed contract from DirecTv.
We are now in Phase Two, which requires us to get our signal to
DirecTv via a fiber optic connection. Once we complete Phase Two,
DirecTv has informed us Phase Three could require up to seventy-five
days to complete.

We don't know what the timeframe will be for Phase Two, but we
anticipate it to be soon. We ask you for your patience and will keep
you up-to-date on our progress with DirecTv.

Thanks for watching.
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