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Directv.com Down ?

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I cannot log in says user name not found. Anyone else having problems
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I cannot login today either. My bill is due tomorrow and I'm trying to pay online (as I have for over a year). Oh well.
I still cannot get on. I even changed my password so I am in the system as a registered user, and have been for years.
Problems here too. Acts like I forgot my password, lets me change it, but still won't log me on.
No problem here either. You might want to delete your browsing history to see if that will clear things up.
Not working for me either. Cleared history, changed password - cannot log in
yeah there is a problem, worked fine yesterday
Cannot login either.
I get this message instead of regular error message:

Sounds like one of the Java classes is broken. :)
I'm running Firefox.Using email address to log in.
I can't get in. It says username and password not found.
I just got in.

The site comes right up for me and I can log on to my account.

Well I just logged in again so I have no idea what the problem is.:confused:
Cannot log-in, either....tried different computers, reset password etc. over the last 30 or so minutes.
1 - 20 of 109 Posts
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