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celticpride said:
I guess thats a nice feature to have,but i personally have no need for it at least until i can get me a laptop!
With all the 'smart' phones out these days who needs a laptop? Most cell providers offer inexpensive phones, and pacakge plans, that allow you to surf the web.

EX: I have T-Mobile, and I switch betwen my Palm Treo 650, and my ***** which I dont remember the model number of, but its atleast 7 years old. My Palm Pilot can access the web, and I can sign up for... $10, for unlimited internet access.
I also have Sprint. My LG Rumor (and prior, my Samsung M610) can easily access the web, at speeds comparable to DSL.

So... Who needs a laptop when you can do it all from a device 1/16th the size ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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