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DirecTV & Datacomm 70-0025

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Getting DirecTV install this Friday on a new built home that is pre-wired RJ45 and CoAX in everyroom.

It's been a few years since I used DirecTV and it used to be one direct line from Dish to box, per box. I heard somewhere, now that changed and they can be merge to one line now and split out?

So can they link from dish to this Datacomm box in the Network Enclosure I have, so it will be split out around the house?

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As long as they are installing a SWM slimline DISH & LNB, that will work.
Are you getting HD receivers? If so, this is most likely what you'll get.
Well with that many receivers (tuners) they're going to have to put in an SWM16 switch.
What that means though, is that you'll have to have at least TWO coax lines from the dish, to your panel. (since the SWM16 switch has 2 receiver outputs, & each one can only support a max of 8 tuners each) They will have to use a legacy LNB on your slimline dish, which requires FOUR coax's from the dish to the SWM16 switch.

See this diagram for the setup you'll be getting:

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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