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DirecTV DSL -- What do you folks think?

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Hello, everyone. I received an offer in the mail for DirecTV DSL service. Introductory cost for high-speed Internet service is $24.99 a month for the first three months, $49.99 a month afterward. It's for unlimitied time spent on the Internet. Also, they'll ship me, free of charge, the set-up equipment, which is says does not require a dish.

What do you folks think?

I currently use America Online, but the reason I haven't gone with a cable or DSL modem is whether it'll be easier for people to hack into my computer. Also, the monthly cost is steep. I'm thinking DSL and cable modems have to come down in price, over time. (Don't know how much time, exactly.)

Is there any DirecTV subscribers who have DirecTV DSL, and would like to comment? (P.S. DirecTV says this offer is good until August 31, 2002. The $24.99 for the first three months is five dollars less than what is stated on the Internet. The web page, if you're interested is: http://www.directvdsl.com/offer/newoffer12.):(
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All they are doing is re-selling DSL service from one of the companies that offers it in your area.

The "hacking" into your PC - yes it's possible, but there are things you can do to secure your PC. Did you know that hackers can get into your PC while you are connected via Dialup, too ?

On my DSL connection, I'm using a firewall that does NAT (Network address Translation), this allows me to share my DSL connection to other computers in the house, and also provides some protection since my PC isn't directly on the Internet. You can also get software that does this firewall protection as well (and it would work over dialup as well).
I think you should go for it (if you can go for $49 per month). My son recently switched to DSL last Saturday. It sounds like his deal (Verizon) is very similar to DirecTV DSL. Install went smooth. Install network card in his PC, then placed a few supplied filters on the phone lines (but make sure NO FILTER is put on the line going to the DSL modem), ran software install, registered and bingo! You'll be very very pleased.
I'm just sorry DSL isn't available where I live. :welcome:
DirecTV DSL used to be Telocity before DirecTV acquired them.

I have used the service for about a year now and I have been very satisfied with it. DirecTV DSL provides a static (unchanging) IP number which may be helpful if you want to host a website or some other function on your PC at home. They also provide 5 or 10 megs of stoage space on their computers for hosting a website.

Their email is good. They offer one hour per month of 1-800 dial in access at no cost for travelling.

I agree that a hardware firewall is a good idea; you can get one with a bridge and switch so you can link more than one computer to the 'net (and each other, of course). I have a unit that also provides wireless networking capabilities. The are some that have printer hookups so you can network a printer, but you can also print through a printer hooked up to another computer.

I also use firewall software on my PCs--Zone Alarm--free for personal use.
I have DirecTV DSL and have been very satisfied with them. I do however have a probelm with Verizon and their lines coming into my house, but that's another matter. DirecTVs tech support was very helpful when I called. I've never had any downtime contrary to many reports on dslreports.com, which you might want to check out for other people's opinions. Hardware setup was easy, I was up and running with 2 weeks of placing my order. Having the always-on connection, static IP address, and very fast speeds are well worth the $50/month, especially since you have AOL.
I had it for about 2 months. Qwest had trouble with the lines and I dropped it because of bad connection speeds. I currently have Cox.net cable modem service and have never had a better connection. :shrug:
I had DSl and lost it in the Northpoint fiasco. I never had an outage and my coinnection speeds were steady and quite good.

With cable I occasiaonally fly but often slow to a crawl since the connection is shared. But that really can vary by area. Interestingly Cox is my provider too but I miss DSL.
As you said, it can vary by area.... Northpoint, ah those were the days... :D
I recommend various broadband providers for the work at home folks where I work. I always recommend DirecTVDSL. I like them because they don't require you to install any software on your system to make it work, unlike most of the ILEC's DSL offerings which require PPPoE client software (why install something else that might break). A downside of DTVDSL is that they don't have their own 'last mile' equipment, like a Covad, but use the ILEC's system which limites what services they can offer such as higher speeds.
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