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This is the future of DIRECTV: It's all RVU, and it's smaller than you imagined. Yes, that's an iPhone on top.

C31 First Look

This is an incredibly small box. It only works with the HR34 but it provides full DVR functionality with zero fan noise. Even pause live TV!

I'd like to thank the hard working C31 test team, who really came through on this little box.

The C31 is only available in limited areas at this time.

Please note that some DBSTalk.com testers and staff members may have received free equipment from DIRECTV or its partners for the purpose of evaluation and testing.

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C31 FAQs

Q. How is the C31 different from an Hxx receiver?
A. The C31 is an RVU client for use with the HR34 Server and has no tuner of its own.

Q. How does the C31 receive programs or recorded content?
A. The C31 utilizes one of the 5 tuners on the HR34 for live content or can play recordings from the playlist on the HR34.

Q. What capacity is the hard drive on the C31?
A. The C31 has no hard drive of its own but can access the hard drive of the HR34 to schedule programs to be recorded or play already recorded content.

Q. How does the C31 connect to the HR34?
A. The C31 connects utilizing coax and can either be connected throiugh a green label splitter from the HR34 or connected to the SWiM utilized by the HR34.

Q. How many SWiM channels does the C31 use?
A. The C31 does not use any SWiM channels itself, but does requires one tuner of the HR34 when the C31 is on.

Q. How many C31s can be connected to the HR34?
A. Currently, the maximum number of clients for an HR34 is three.

Q. How does the C31 connect to my TV?
A. The C31 has an HDMI output and a 10 pin output which can utilize the H25 10 pin connector cable for component output. (NOTE: The H25 10 pin connector is NOT included with the C31.)

Q. Does the AM21 work with the C31?
A. No, but if an AM21 is connected to the HR34, the C31 can play or schedule OTA recordings utilizing that AM21.

Q. Why would I want a C31 client connected to my HR34 rather than an Hxx receiver?
A. Although the C31 has no tuner of its own, it can fully utilize trickplay features (FF, RW, etc.) on live TV from the HR34 as if you were watching the HR34 directly and does not tie up an additional SWiM channel.

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Great first look as usual.

- Merg

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I don't know what remote will come with it, at least for now assume it is the rc65.

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What about connection to an A/V receiver? Can that be done?

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TheRatPatrol said:
Nice job as always.

Can you tell us what remote comes with it? And what happens if all 5 tuners are recording, what does the C31 see?

Not sure, but it can work with the RF remotes, it has the rf capability built in unlike the h25.

It can tune to a channel that is being recorded (and dos just that when you take it out of stanby in this scenario) as long as that channel isn't being tuned to by another client already. If you type in a channel, it will offer you the same conflict screen as you are used to now, and offer for you to cancel anyone of the five recordings so you can watch the channel you want (it wont let you cancel one if the show is also being watched live on another clients foreground tuner). And of course you can always go into the playlist.
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