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How would you upgrade an existing Seatel Series xx04 Antenna with Dual Ku LNB Marine Standard Definition Satellite system to an HD system?

According to Seatel's manual, It looks like all I will need to get is an HD converter (HDTV 110 WEST CONVERTER KIT) and install it before the Multi Switch?
I will also need to install a manual or an automatic switch on the 110 input of the Multiswitch (I guess I need it in order to switch between the HD channels and the Standard channels).
And of course upgrade all the receivers to HD and upgrade the TVs and wiring to support HD.

Is there a way to avoid the switching? Iv'e heard that it is a problem and in some cases the switching takes very long time and can be very disturbing.
Does it make sense to just drop the Standard Def. and just watch HD?
Does anyone have an idea on what's the best way to deal with this issue?
would it make sence to go with Dish network HD or I would have to deal with the same problem?:confused: :confused:


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Don't bother. That antenna was designed when all (10 or so) HD channels were on Ku-band satellites, primarily 110 and 119. All of the HD content has been moved to a set of new Ka-band satellites that your dish will never be able to pick up, for a number of technical reasons. The old HD channels on 110 and 119 will be turned off in a couple of months, likely to be replaced by mirrors of the International channels and probably more Standard-Def Locals for DMAs that don't currently get locals over satellite.

I'm not aware of any mobile "in-motion" sat antennas that can pick up the new DirecTV HD signals. Due to the nature of the Ka signals, a much larger dish is required, and alignment is 10 times more critical as the beam width of the signal is much narrower. A dome that could pick up these signals would be huge, heavy, and REAL expensive to have a motor that could hold alignment while in motion with such a narrow beam. I'm not saying it's impossible (though it could be), but if it IS possible, it would be crazy expensive.

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KVH has a solution for the Ka band (103 & 99 sats), I am not sure exactally what it all intails but it is some sort of inline device that alows he reception of the Ka band.

I ran into this problem on a coustomers Mandalay Motor Coach just recently. I am just quoting what the customer told me, I haven't verified it with KVH yet.

Hope that can be helpful.
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